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Nature Story is always looking to add talented people to our team. Whether you are looking for a full-time teaching job or a part-time flexible gig -- Click APPLY NOW below, or email us a resume at
or call us at (406) 422-4009!
We look forward to hearing from you!
Hear what our staff has to say about working for Nature Story below!
At Nature Story, we LOVE our teachers! We understand that it takes someone special with a big heart to teach tiny humans. We also understand that teaching is a labor of love. Early childhood education is essential but can be undervalued and those working in the field can go unappreciated. Nature Story strives to provide an enjoyable working environment which honors the teachers, staff, and families. Let's chat more if this sounds intriguing. We seem to be ever growing to accommodate our community. Shoot us over your resume to or call (406) 422-4009 with any questions!
At Nature Story, we do love our teachers, but we also LOVE our aides! We understand that these same tiny humans cannot learn to their highest potential unless they are comfortable, safe, and clean. Our aides help support our teachers in the classroom and we cannot be a successful school without them! People who are PERFECT for this position are those who can herd cats with ease (or can attempt to for long periods of time). Aides should be energetic and not easily frazzled by large swarms of small children. Cuddling, caring, kindness, and a playful nature are the secret ingredients to our success. If you have experience in an early childhood classroom, then you know this is not easy work! If you do not have early childhood education experience, but love a challenge that requires stamina, patience, ample energy, and a coachable attitude, we can work with that! Aides can be flexible part-time to full-time with available on-site training. Nature Story strives to provide an enjoyable working environment which honors the teachers, staff, and families. Send us a resume to or call (406) 422-4009 with any questions!
The Rest of the Village:
One of the things that makes us different is our welcoming nature for community engagement.
  • Maybe you do not want to be a teacher full-time but love to contribute your talents to your community.
  • Maybe you are a college student who can only work from 7:00 am-8:30 am on certain days.
  • Maybe you are a stay-at-home mom who wants to sub for a few hours here and there.
  • Maybe you are a retired Montessori teacher who wants to do small group work but on your schedule.
  • Maybe you are a college student who only comes home during the summer and holidays. 
  • Maybe you are a grandma who loves to snuggle and volunteer.
  • Maybe you are a high school student saving up for a band trip.
  • Maybe you are a lawyer but have a passion for yoga so you come to donate an hour a week.
  • Maybe you are a college football player who is majoring in Public Relations, but you have an amazing natural talent for leadership and a kind disposition and should probably change your major to something education related. Hypothetically speaking, of course. 
We all have our talents and we all have our lives. Time is the most valuable thing you can give to anyone. It takes a village and you have different strengths than anyone else in this world. If this is something that may be fulfilling for you, shoot us an email with your talents, availability, and focus. or call (406) 422-4009.
Kind words from staff:

Hi my name is Kaitlyn,


I am a Lead Teacher at Nature Story and have just completed my first year here at the school. 

I would always 100% recommend working for this business.


Our director is amazing. She kind, hard working, and always puts staff first. She and the owner go above and beyond to put the employees first and you would definitely be lucky to work with these two lovely ladies and our amazing staff body. We all work as a team to encourage and uplift each other.

On the note of working with kids, you will never know a more rewarding job than to be apart of helping their young lives grow.


I’ve worked in several career paths and have never known a better place to work.

Kind words from staff:

Something I have loved about working at Nature Story Montessori is watching a new 2 year old grow into a wonderful 4-5 yr old. Also, it brings my heart joy when I walk in and the kiddos are genuinely excited that I'm there for that particular day.


Couple of tender moments...

I was getting ready to leave Nature Story and Penelope said, "Miss Micki (Vicki), I didn't get to give you a hug goodbye.” I stopped and turned around and gave her a hug and had about 10 kiddos in line for hugs. Those are the treasures of working here. Renzi telling me I'm still her favorite teacher! Luke seeing me after a year during covid and running over, giving me a hug, and saying, "You're back! Are you staying??"


Those are treasures!


The staff is great!



Kind words from staff:

Hi everyone! 

I currently work at Nature Story and I'd like to share my experience with you...
I'd like to make this short and sweet so I'll start at the top.
1. The owner of this preschool is extremely caring and the director is so kind. They care about their staff as people and look for ways to help their employees grow within the company.
2. The teachers are amazing.
3. Flexible hours.
4. The atmosphere is awesome. We often talk about how we feel valued and supported.
5. Lastly, as I mentioned before, it's a place that really cares about children. Each child is valued as an individual with different personalities, temperaments and needs.

If you LOVE kids and are looking for a great place to work, I'd recommend Nature Story Montessori 100%

— Jennifer


Kind words from staff:

In the many jobs I have had over the past few years, none of them come close to what I experienced working for Nature Story Montessori. In my time there, I learned so many valuable tools to add to my professional toolbelt, but it was the kindness and support I was shown there that will have an everlasting effect on me. Both Jessica and Gretchen are such kind hearted people who GENUINELY care about others. Through all the hardships involving COVID and closures and the uncertainty of the future of the schools, these two strong leaders made Nature Story feel safe. Through this sense of safety, I felt like I could thrive (and I did!). With such amazing leadership, Jessica and Gretchen taught me how to be a professional without losing sight of what was important- the people we serve, the messages we send, and how to care for ourselves.


Nature Story embraces a hands on, emotionally driven style both in the classroom and out. The admin team is so willing to work with both staff and families to make the classrooms as nurturing as possible for the young minds to flourish there. During my employment at NSM, I never felt like I couldn’t ask for support or felt like I wasn’t important. The staff puts a huge emphasis on teamwork and caring for each other in a way I haven’t seen at any other job. It was honestly a privilege to work at Nature Story, for I don’t imagine I could have grown to be where I am now at any other job. I admire the culture and family that Jessica has started and continues to grow, and I know Nature Story has such a bright future ahead of them.

-- Kari

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