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The Focus of Following the Child
Our preschool classrooms are prepared keeping in mind the individual needs of each child. Every child is different, so their access to educational materials should reflect that. At Nature Story, we use the Montessori approach of "following the child." This means we work with each student on their academic ability and needs which are paralleled with their social and emotional development. This Montessori approach prepares them to enter the public school setting with knowledge and confidence. Our program also integrates the natural world around them, their connection, and their own powerful influence within their environment. Moving at their own pace and focusing on their personal talents and skills increase their confidence in themselves and abilities, which is fundamental in the success of their future. 


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Sample of Monthly Nature Based Topics

September: Establishing Routines and Introductions to Nature Based Fun!

October: Earth and Space

November: Terrestrial Land Animals

December: Aquatic Land Animals

January: Our Montana!

February: Weather

March: Water Cycle

April: Plants

May: Ecology

June: Habitats

July: Food Chain

August: Sustainability


Added specialties are a direct result of current talents unique to each teacher!

Specialties include but are not limited to:

  • Nature School

  • Social Skills

  • Cultural Studies

  • Movement

  • Music

  • Art

  • Spanish

  • Yoga

  • Gardening

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