Field Immersion Nature School


Summer is about exploration and fun!


Come join us for one of our weekly Nature Story Outdoor Summer Science Camps offered by Nature Story Montessori.


Students will explore the wilderness with highly qualified natural science teachers.


Each week provides a broad theme topic which will be hands-on experienced.

Summer Science Camp at Nature Story Montessori focuses on the natural sciences in an enjoyable, child friendly environment. It is open to elementary students entering 1st grade and above. 

*All schedules are first come, first serve. Best Beginnings accepted. Deposit required.

Activities to Explore:

  • Hiking

  • Nature Projects

  • Experiments

  • Outdoor Exploration

  • Fishing

  • Hands-on Science

  • Social Skills

  • Cultural Studies

  • Movement

  • Music

  • Art

  • Spanish

  • Yoga

Summer Topics
Terrestrial Focus: We will be exploring the land and its inhabitants through scientific hands-on adventures.
Aquatic Focus: July gets a little warmer and is a great time to splash and learn about one of the most spectacular elements and its inhabitants.
Ecology & Sustainability: We will explore how it all ties together -- the world we live in and how we can affect it. 
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