Why open Nature Story?

When the Shattucks moved to Montana in 2015, they were surprised at the demand the area had for preschools. They were also disappointed with the lack of availability and choice for the area. They were fortunate enough to be able to enroll their children in a great program locally but saw the struggles other families were having. Jessica Shattuck decided that once she had the green light from her husband, that they had found their forever home, she would attempt to fill a need for the community in which she would raise her children. The obvious demand was for quality preschool and summer care — even though she never considered herself an educator. 

Jessica began scouting out properties, rules, regulations, and researched the formula to build a successful, stable, sustainable program. She listened to other parents’ wishes and tried to incorporate those opinions into a viable business. 

When Jessica took these wishes into consideration, she began to develop a center which took the communities needs in mind. Even though she is not an educator, she felt that was a strength to create a center based on the needs and wants of the parents of the community. She looked at the project as gray. Nothing is ever black and white. Why couldn’t there be a place that covered all the bases — kinder readiness, Montessori philosophy, nature school, emotional awareness, nurturing, cultural exposure, kindness, conflict resolution, creative expression, social awareness — all while allowing children to be children. 

Through persistent scouting and careful execution, Jessica was able to start Nature Story Montessori on Custer. This was not something she did alone. She had vast support from her family and the community. People believed in what she was trying to do and showed that they too, wanted more choices in Helena. And that is our once upon a time.

What Makes us Different

Here at Nature Story, we strive to be better every day. Preschool shouldn’t be a hardship. It should be a lighthearted enjoyable experience for both children and parents alike. 

  • Nature Story blends quality curriculum with nurturing care. 

  • Nature Story is competitively priced and accepts Best Beginnings Scholarships. 

  • Nature Story offers a summer program for elementary age students which is consistent, academic, and affordable. 

  • The educational elementary after school program helps facilitate learning in a low pressure environment. 

  • Nature based curriculum helps children understand how we are connected to the world and that our choices matter.